Autor: Edgar Santos Medeiros Dessoy

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    In "The New World Order," we explore the eternal struggle between two economic systems that shape our world: the Domination System and the Cooperation System. From ancient times to the current geopolitical landscape, the book delves into the history of the prevalence of dominance, illustrated by the rise of the United States and the influence of liberal capitalism, marked by conflicts, military power, and economic strategies. Parallel to this, the author presents the Cooperation System as an emerging alternative, inspired by the ideas of social and economic innovators, and as a reflection of Chinese market socialism. The work stands out by using biological metaphors and global theories to unravel the struggle for resources and power, culminating in a provocative vision of the multipolar future that awaits the world order. "The New World Order" is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the forces that shape global politics and economics in the 21st century.

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