Juliana Bley

Juliana Bley

Site: http://https://www.julianabley.com.br/english

Juliana Bley is a psychologist with a Master's degree in Psychology and over two decades of experience working in Human Factors in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). Her career began in 2001 with a pivotal research project on learning in EHS, which led her to question and eventually redefine traditional safety training programs. Her approach combines psychological insights with adult education techniques to enhance safety protocols across various industries.
In 2018, she founded SafetyLAB, a learning ecosystem that has since transformed more than 700 professionals into safety educators better prepared to drive learning in large companies operating in Brazil, Latin America, and Portugal. Recognized for its high social impact in 2024, SafetyLAB stands as a testament to Juliana's commitment to improving safety and education in the workplace.

Professional Achievements:

Internationally recognized as a keynote speaker, facilitator, and TEDx speaker, Juliana Bley is a leading voice in the applied psychology of safety in the Portuguese-speaking world. She has spoken to audiences in diverse sectors such as oil and gas, mining, energy, chemicals, automotive, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, and construction.
Juliana is the author of titles including "Safe Behavior" and "Journey of Navigation," and a co-author of "Dictionary of Ergonomics and Human Factors" and "New Visions: A Brazilian Perspective."
Her pioneering work continues to expand her influence in the field. For more about Juliana and her initiatives, visit her social media or www.julianabley.com

  • Safe Behavior - how the psychology of safety can improve learning in EHS

    Segmento: Work Psychology

    How do companies train and prepare people to work safely, and what improvements can be made to these learning processes?

    "Safe Behavior" by Juliana Bley, a distinguished Brazilian work psychologist, delves deeply into these issues. Published nearly two decades ago yet still relevant, the book examines the challenging aspects of the training practices employed in Health and Safety, and it critiques the interpretations of behavioral concepts in the field.

    Drawing on her Master’s studies in Psychology, Bley assesses current practices, revealing a substantial gap between present teaching methods in the field and the latest approaches to adult education. This book is crucial for EHS professionals, HR, and leaders who seek to enhance their learning practice proposals in safety and health in workplaces.

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